Buying a new set of bagpipes was something I had given a lot of consideration to. I have owned three other sets of pipes in my piping career and I have had the opportunity to set-up, tune and reed countless sets of pipes.  After listening to the sound of the top pipers in Scotland, I knew I was after something extra special.  One particular performance in the Clasp at Portree left me with a sound that I knew I wanted, I just had to find a pipe that could emulate it.

I was in the process of trialling a vintage set of pipes from one of the most famous and revered Scottish makers, when I had the opportunity to play a set of GlenAlan pipes.  This made the buying decision very easy for me: I was satisfied with the tone, the ease of tuning and I had confidence in the product both from a quality and knowing what I was getting point of view.

I took delivery of my new GlenAlan pipes two weeks before I headed over to Scotland this year (2005) to compete in solo competition.  The first thing I was impressed by these pipes was their ease of tuning.  They have a definite "lock" to them, I guess this is from the strong harmonic generated when they are spot on in tune - a point that is easier to find on this pipe than any other I have previously owned.

At the first games in Scotland, a fellow competitor remarked on the superior tone generated by my GlenAlan pipe compared to the sound of my old pipes.  I was not surprised to hear this: the tone of this instrument is phenomenal.  It's big, rich, basey and the harmonics from a true chanter are something to behold and enjoy.  I had, for my playing standard, some success during my two weeks in Scotland with a 3rd in the Piobaireachd and 4th in the Jigs at Arisaig, 3rd in the Hornpipe and Jig at Malaig and 3rd in the Jig at Durness.  My instrument didn't let me down on any occasion and certainly gave me a new found confidence on the boards.

I am 100% happy with the purchase of my new instrument.

Ainsley Hart
Pipe Major
City of Blacktown Pipe Band (Grade 1)


My GlenAlan Bagpipe

"When I first tried this instrument I knew I just had to own one!

I was totally impressed with the tonal quality of the drones along with the immaculate finish to the bores.  The attention to detail is first class and I would recommend this instrument to anyone who is after a first class instrument."

Dennis Browning
Piping Judge, APBA
7 times winner NSW Pipers' Society "Silver Chalice" for Piobaireachd

Dear Robert

Just a short note to thank you once again for the competent repair and refurbishment of the vintage pipes.

Over the years I have sent many vintage pipes to different repairers.

I am very particular about the quality and finish of any vintage bagpipe requiring refurbishment, as I want to preserve the originality and tonal attributes of the instrument.

Your quality of workmanship and attention to detail provides me with the confidence to entrust you with the maintenance of any future classic pipes I come across.

I will be forwarding a lot more business to you in the future.

Yours in piping
Craig McLernon
Perth, West Australia


Some months ago Connie Macy of Bundanoon was looking at buying a set of bagpipes.  She had three sets to look at and asked me to come along and give my opinion.

The first set on inspection were pretty average.  The bores in the drones looked as though they were not finished, being very rough, and they did not sound good.  The second set was better finished but had a "tinny" sound to them.  The third set was a sewt of GlenAlan pipes.  The finish was superb.  The insides of the bores were polished to perfection.  I took them home to test drive them.

Results:  A good length drone.  Bass drone not rough but mellow.  Tenor drones well balanced.  Drones tuning on the hemp line where I think they should be to get the best tone.

Chanter:  Not being a "big brand name" I was a bit sceptical at first, but after blowing the pipes for a few days and getting to know the chanter and setting the reed I was pleasantly surprised.  I got a nice clear ring to it and could "feel the notes through my fingers".  All the notes were true and guess what?!!  No tape on any of the holes.  I took the pipes to band practice and tested them with the band chanters.  Again no need for tape on any of the holes.  Connie had a few minor adjustments made by you to make the pipes more suited to her.  At no cost!

Congratulations on an excellent set of pipes and a brilliant after sales service second to none.

Yours sincerely
Alex Smith
Goulburn, NSW



I am writing to thank you for the work, effort and workmanship put into replacing the yellow plastic mounts, ring caps and bushes on my bagpipes.

This is something that I had been intending to have done for some time now, with ivory no longer being available, the material used to give the same effect has made att the difference to the overall appearance of the instrument.

It goes without saying that if the quality of workmanship is not good, then the end result and appearance of the instrument will be inferior for all to see.

Without hesitation I can say that, having known you for so many years, second best is not an option as reflected in the appearance of the instrument upon completion, highlighting the high standard of workmanship performed by yourself, for which I thank you very much.

John Layton
Bowral, NSW


Dear Robert

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did in repairing my bass drone slide.

I was apprehensive about removing the old slide and replacing it with a new piece but you did an excellent job without loss of sound quality and have undoubtedly saved my bagpipe from the scrap heap.

I can recommend your services to anyone seeking repairs on their bagpipes and have done so to a number of people including my own band.

If any of your customers would like to speak with me directly, I would be happy to talk to them.

Thanks again for the great job.

Yours sincerely
Alan Mathison



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