Dual Section Chanter Stock

African Blackwood or Blackwood substitute (high density Acetal plastic).  Combed and beaded.  Ferrules in Alternative Ivory, polished aluminium or plain black.  ’O’-ring sealed.  Replaces chanter caps.  Easy chanter removal to keep reed dry.  Protects reed from damage.  Convenient for changing or replacing chanters. 

Blowpipes, Mouthpieces and Tips
Traditional style, combed and beaded, custom lengths in African Blackwood or Blackwood substitute (high density Acetal plastic).  Adjustable blowpipes in Blackwood substitute —  two sizes 170mm—240mm and 190mm—280mm.

Blowpipe mouthpieces in two sections — bowl and
C&M Booktip.  Customised tip lengths.  Bowls in black Acetal plastic or Alternative Ivory.

GlenAlan "Sure Stop" Drone Valves
For a perfect finish every time!”
Precise cut-out of drones
Minimises air loss
Fit into the base of each drone stock
Pre-set but may be adjusted for personal preference

GlenAlan Practice Chanters
Made from Blackwood substitute (high density Acetal plastic).
Threaded reed seat.  ‘O’-ring joint seals.  Screw-in replaceable mouthpiece tip. 
Presentation models available with Alternative Ivory sole and ferrule

Childs            Close finger spacing for little hands
Standard       Traditional size and hole spacing
Medium         GlenAlan pipe-chanter hole-spacing with counter-bored, pipe-chanter-sized holes

Drone Reeds   

Pipe Chanter Reeds

Practice Chanter Reeds
Various Scottish makes

Bagpipe Bags
Ross synthetic leather canister bags

Bannatyne synthetic or hybrid bags

Canmore Gore-Tex pipe bags

GlenAlan glued seam leather bags

Book: Care, Maintenance and Tuning of the Highland Bagpipe
Complete and detailed instructions for the care, maintenance and tuning of the instrument.  Also sections on reeds, bags, blowing, bagpipe tuners, and more!

Bagpipe Cases
Aluminium: Maximum security and protection, 1.6mm welded, foam lined
Small:  610 x 280 x 160mm (non canister bags
Medium:  610 x 310 x 160mm (canister bags)
Large: 610 x 310 x 180mm (canister bags and more!)

Cordura soft bags and cases, hand carry / backpack

Cases Ross Pipe BagReeds

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