Celtic Knot




Celtic Knot is a folk group made up mainly of highland pipers and drummers who play other instruments such small-pipes, guitars, flutes, whistles, didgeridoo and drums. The music is traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish tunes and songs. Some of their pieces have been composed by members of the group and are unique to Celtic Knot












The Players


Maureen Doyle: Born in Scotland, plays highland pipes with Northern Suburbs Pipe Band, foundation tutor of The Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney Pipe Band. 

Small-pipes, whistles, vocals and composer.


Heather Pearce: Australian born - began flute at age 10, has played highland pipes for over 10 years.

Flute, whistles, vocals.


Robert Pearce OAM: Began piping at age 10, Pipe Major of Northern Suburbs Pipe Band, bagpipe maker and repairer.

Small-pipes, occasional, whistle, didgeridoo and vocals.


Gordon Slattery: Born in Scotland, began piping as a wee boy as part of the famous Slattery piping/musical family.

Guitar, violin, vocals and composer.


Ron Wicks: Born in Australia, has been piping for over 16 years, plays with Manly Warringah Pipe Band.

Small-pipes, didgeridoo and Bazpipe.


Kevin English: Born in Ireland, plays with Manly Warringah Pipe Band and Celtic Knot when he is in the country!





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